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Join Pastor Joy Morgan for an empowering and FREE virtual summit designed exclusively for women who are called to the five-fold ministry. This transformative event is all about celebrating the strength, resilience, and passion of women who have answered the divine call to serve in ministry.

Why Register for the "She Is Called" Summit?

Be Inspired, Glean From True Experience

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Pastor Joy Morgan brings her wealth of wisdom and knowledge to the forefront. She will delve into crucial topics such as "The Art of Preaching," guiding you to communicate God's message with conviction and impact. You'll have exclusive access to her expertise, providing a level of mentorship and guidance rarely found in other summits.

Be Empowered to Lead, Ignite Your Influence

As you answer the divine call to ministry, equipping yourself with leadership skills is pivotal. In this summit, Pastor Joy will share invaluable insights on how to lead with confidence, navigating the challenges and joys of ministry leadership.

Discover Your Purpose, Release Your Yes

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Identifying your purpose is key to fulfilling your calling. Pastor Joy will lead discussions on discovering your unique purpose, allowing you to align your ministry with God's divine plan for your life.​

With more than two decades of ministry and leadership experience, Pastor Joy Morgan has a profound understanding of the intricacies and joys of answering God's call to serve. She has inspired and mentored numerous women in ministry, transforming lives and ministries along the way. Now, she is committed to sharing her knowledge and empowering women like you to embrace your God-given calling with purpose and confidence.

Register now for the "She Is Called" Virtual Summit and take advantage of this unique opportunity to equip yourself for greater ministry success. With Pastor Joy's empowering teachings and inspiring insights, you'll learn how to lead with confidence and discover a deeper connection with God. Reserve your spot today and start your journey of transformation.

See You at the Summit!

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