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Be Confident in Answering the Call...

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You've been Called...
It's Time To Respond...

Heaven has whispered your name, and the time has come to answer with boldness. You've been chosen for a purpose that's uniquely yours. The Successful Women in Ministry Academy is your invitation to step into this calling and respond to the divine assignment on your heart. Through practical guidance, authentic leadership insights, and a profound exploration of the Word of God, we're here to support you as you step onto this path of significance. Embrace the call, and let's journey together towards an impactful and purpose-filled ministry.

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In the Academy We Will Cover Things Like:

Mark your calendars for Monday, September 18th, at 7pm EST to attend a virtual open house to learn more about what the academy has to offer. Register now at the link below to secure your spot at our Virtual Open House.

Upcoming Courses



  • Leadership Lessons from Women in the Bible

  • Discovering Your Unique Leadership Style 

  • Building an Effective Ministry Team 

  • How to Launch a New Ministry Venture

  • Innovative Leadership & Change Management in ministry

  • Navigating Gender Bias and Stereotyping Successfully 

  • Leadership Communication and Conflict Resolution

  • Leading From Within Your Family



  • Basic Tenants of Exegetical Preaching

  • Effective Teaching 

  • Communication Skills in Coaching and Counseling

  • Leadership Communication

  • and more TBA

Fall Enrollment Now Open!



*Per Month*​

  • On-demand weekly trainings

  • Weekly LIVE study forums

  • Private Facebook Community



*Per Month*​

  • Everything included in Basic Registration 

  • Promotional opportunities in private Facebook community

  • 50% off of She is Called Conference

  • Deeper Dive with Dr. Joy, an exclusive monthly LIVE Mentoring Q&A Session. 

  • FREE copy of Dr. Joy’s new, upcoming book, “Shattering the Glass Pulpit”.

SWIM Mentoring Circle
(only 10 spots available)


*Per Month*​

  • Everything included in Premium Registration

  • FREE Admission to She is Called Conference

  • Monthly 1:1 mentoring sessions w/Dr Joy to develop participants individually in their respective ministry role or leadership position

  • Quarterly exclusive meetup with Dr. Joy & SWIM circle members

  • *Receive 2 months FREE with yearly plan enrollment

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I Am Ready to Answer the Call!

Step into your destiny with confidence. It's time to embrace your divine calling and step forward with purpose. At the Successful Women in Ministry Academy, we're here to equip you, empower you, and guide you on this incredible journey of answering the call. Whether you're just starting out or seeking to deepen your impact, we're ready to walk alongside you. Together, let's unlock your potential and shine brilliantly in your ministry.

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